Jimichaels Restaurant - Owner takes tip money froim servers

Phoenix, Arizona 1 comment

I work at a resaurant in Sun City Az.Each shift, the owner makes us each pay HIM $7.00 from our tips and he calls it "tips for the bussers".

However, the bussers never get it. He pays them $7.35 an hour as required by law, but the servers are lining his pocket each day. We figure he collects about $15,000-$18,000 a year. Is this lawful?

Everywhere I have ever worked in the last 50 years,servers share their tips with the bussers directly. Please help.

I just want the bussers to receive the money that is rightfully theirs.The restaurant in question is Jimichaels and the boss is Andy.

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This is 100% illegal, I suggest calling the Better Business Bureau, the Department of Labor, and finally go on craigslist and find a new job. Your situation sounds like a failing restaurant, get out while the getting is good

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